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Post  Sean Colt on Sat Jun 08, 2013 9:27 am

So I dont know much about the changeling system,

The Motley Pledge binds you and the others as a motley etc and grants you and your motley 1 skill point and 2 merit dots

in regards to the merit dots, do they have to be mental/physical/social that physically affects you or can you add 2 dots into a social merit like Resources, Contacts, Allies or Status?

Sean Colt

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Motley Pledge Empty Re: Motley Pledge

Post  Winter on Sun Jun 30, 2013 6:56 am

There are two things to address here:

Firstly, "The Motley Pledge" in the book (pg 188) is just an example of how a Pledge like that might look. A Pledge binding your motley is not necessary, though it most certainly is the norm. If you do have a motley Pledge, it may have whatever aspects you desire, so long as the Pledge itself is valid (the aspects sum to zero, etc.)

If your Pledge is giving you merit dots from its Boon, they can be put in any mortal merit (i.e. Merits which are not supernatural in nature). If a character already has dots in Resources, they would gain two more dots. This is the great power of the Wyrd - it is through it that your Boon is made manifest. No effort is required on behalf of the Changeling, beyond what is needed to uphold the Pledge itself.

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