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What is Fates Unbound? Empty What is Fates Unbound?

Post  Summer on Fri Aug 02, 2013 2:56 pm

What is Fates Unbound?

Fates Unbound is a monthly Live Action Roleplaying Game using the Changeling: the Lost supplement and set in the New World of Darkness setting.

This larp will include a variety of aspects of roleplaying, including but not limited to political intrigue and social interaction, action and adventure, mystery, investigation, occult themes and personal horror. It will include R18 themes such as torture, violence and sexuality. However, themes of sexual violence are specifically forbidden, both in character and in ooc conversation.

The game itself is comprised of a 3 hour game that will take place on the 3rd Saturday afternoon of each month (though this may be altered on a month to month basis due to timetable clashes). Additional smaller meetups for scenes will be held where necessary.

The main game will usually take place during a gathering of the changelings of Auckland. There, characters will have the chance to interact with each other in a semi-formal setting as they play their part in the complex social structure that is the Unbound Harbour, and address the issues that face the Lost. Some games will also offer the option for adventure outside of the main gathering. It would be considered rude to leave a formal occasion prematurely without urgent need however, so such opportunities should be fairly obvious.

After each main game, we are also planning on running scenes, if possible at the venue. We will usually have a clear idea of the scenes that are likely to be run during these slots, however this also provides the opportunity for player driven plot. If you would like a scene run during one of these slots, ask an ST straight after the game. We would expect such scenes to be able to accommodate about 20% of those attending the main game, as availability is based on ST discretion.

As this is a new format we are trying, consider the first few games a trial run. Afterwards, we will evaluate how much value to the game the scenes added, and alter the game as necessary.

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Post  Summer on Fri Aug 02, 2013 3:02 pm

Downtime & Actions

After each monthly game, people will have one week to submit in their personal forum what their character is doing during the downtime. Players will be limited to two unique actions each month. Actions should be submitted in the player’s personal forums under a new topic for that month. Any experience expenditure for that month should also be included in this post.

Each action should be comprised of the following:

  • What you want to do
  • The steps taken to go about it
  • Who is helping you
  • What you hope to achieve
  • Any relevant skills or abilities

We may also ask you to clarify any of the following

  • Where you got any relevant information

If your actions are detailed we will have a better idea of what (and how) you are attempting to do, and will therefore be able to give you more in our reply.

Here is an example of actions and experience submitted for Jackie Ketch’s player.

Action One: Investigate Market Road

Jackie’s contacts mentioned to him that there have been sightings of people behaving strangely in Epsom, and that this is believed to be connected to a new cult. I want to investigate the area and see what I can find out who these people are, and if possible, what they’re up to.

I will be going at night and keeping to the darkness as much as possible, using my Contracts as needed to avoid detection (Smoke 3 in particular), with the purpose of observing people as they come and go. I’m looking for anything which might identify people as a part of this cult. This should hopefully allow me to determine where they’re meeting. If I can notice any secret signs between them (e.g. Wits + Socialise) I’ll make a note of that.

If all this is successful, I’d then like to impersonate a new cultist and gain access to a meeting to learn more.

Action Two: It's a Thankless Job

In accordance with one of my pledges, I’m going to assassinate Jonas’ fetch. He’s provided me with information about his life before he was taken, and where his fetch is currently living. The fetch continues his habit of going bowling every Saturday. My plan is to ambush him on the way back, allowing Jonas to return home to his wife instead.

If possible I would like to do this action as a scene.

Stunt Driver: 6xp
Contracts of Dream 5: 20xp

Note: A character with a low clarity may find interesting responses and consequences as a result of their actions.

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Post  Summer on Fri Aug 02, 2013 3:04 pm


Though it is entirely feasible to take part in this game by only turning up to the monthly meetings, complex actions may require a scene in between games. Often, we will try and resolve these in a scene directly after the main game, but this might not always be possible. As such, we will do our best to host a scene at a convenient location and time for all involved.

Aside from these, players can request an action be run as a scene by noting as such in their action. We will do our best to accommodate such requests, but priority will be given to people who have had less scene time, and those actions we feel would benefit from a scene.


When reading through the main Changeling book, it can be quite easy to be intimidated by the intricate design of all the characters. We by no means expect our players to dress exactly as they would appear to other changelings (as according to their Fae Mein). In saying that, there is a huge scope available for how detailed people want to design their costumes, and we expect that all levels of costuming, from simple to intricate, will be well represented in this game.

If you are at all struggling with the costuming aspect of this game, feel free to get in contact with one of the ST team, or even ask around the wider community. There is a ton of knowledge out there that people are more than happy to share.


As a way of acknowledging fellow players and NPCs, players may also submit with their actions a person (or more than one!) that made the game memorable for them. This can be based on roleplaying, costuming, or anything that happened during the game. At the end of each season, all those so nominated over the past three months will receive a small bonus in experience.

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