So you want to be a changeling. READ THIS FIRST.

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So you want to be a changeling. READ THIS FIRST. Empty So you want to be a changeling. READ THIS FIRST.

Post  Wyrd on Thu Nov 22, 2012 8:31 am

Thank you for your interest in Auckland: Fates Unbound, a Changeling: The Lost live game set in modern day Auckland. For your convenience, here are the steps you can take to become a part of this story.

Step 1 - Make an account with the forum:
Please use your real name when signing up to the forum, as this eases our administration of the game. You will be able change your account name to that of your character once it has been confirmed.

Step 2 - Become familiar with the setting:
We expect players to have read through the setting information provided on the forum, as well as up to chapter 3 in the Changeling: the Lost source book. If you do not own the book, talk to one of the ST team, and we shall do our best to provide you with a copy. Do not hesitate to ask us any question you have about the setting.

Step 3 - Submit a character concept to your personal forum:
This does not need to be too long, a couple of paragraphs will do. This should include an overview of what the character was like before they were taken, their experience in Faerie/Arcadia and what they are like today. It's also worth mentioning what you hope to achieve with this character in the game and any special plot ideas you might have.

Step 4 - Stat up the character:
Once the concept has been approved, fill in the character sheet for your character. A guide for character creation will be available shortly. If you want a particular set of abilities to be central to the design of your character, please talk to us first. We want to avoid the frustration that could arise mid-game of us having to tell someone that something does not function as intended.

Step 5 - Flesh out the Character:
Talk to other players. Discuss any links in backgrounds characters may have. Think of goals the characters may have. We will have a character questionnaire up shortly to help in this process. Send us a write-up (in your personal forum) with any details you would like us to know. This can be as long as you like (though we are only guaranteed to read the first 2000 or so words Wink ).

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