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Post  Ender on Sat Dec 27, 2014 8:41 am

Cold Iron: Cold Iron ammunition is restricted to shotgun shells (though firing them will damage the weapon and requiring repairing); arrowheads and bolts. Cold Iron melee weapons are restricted to non-mechanical weapons (i.e. not a chainsaw). You must confirm with a GM if your character has cold iron weapons or ammunition, stating the source. Crafting cold iron weaponry yourself may have consequences. Carrying cold iron imposes the drawback of denying your magical defenses. The use of cold iron implements do not benefit from any magical source, including contracts, seeming, and kith bonuses.

Does "Magical defenses" negated include for example contract of Elements 5 and other things that don't simply give extra armour/defence, making it unusable if you have cold iron? I'm hoping the answer is yes and it's implicit, but not explicit as to what is negated.


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Post  Autumn on Sat Dec 27, 2014 6:28 pm

Yes in principle, it means any defenses, not just the stats 'armor' or 'defense'. Barriers or wards created by contracts, for instance, would also be negated. For another example, not just Elements 2 (gain armor), but also Elements 1 (protection from the element) would be negated while carrying it.

Elements 5 is not just a defense, but on the other hand it is in the largest part a defense, so almost certainly yes to that as well.

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